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What You Get

  • Workouts specific to your goals
  • Simple to follow nutritional guidance which the whole family can follow
  • Turbo charge results techniques
  • Healthy & amazingly tasty recipes
  • 24/7 phone & text support
  • Weekly adherence checks
  • Access to our VIP Facebook support group
personal training manchester
personal trainer manchester

Drop A Jean Size Before Xmas Programme
8 Weeks Training (3 Times a Week) £400

Share with a friend 50/50

  • Twice A Week - £300
  • Three A Week - £400
  • Share With A Friend 50/50
  • Buy 2 Months In Advance & Get 1 FREE

I want you to be completely honest with yourself...ARE YOU SICK & TIRED OF;

  • Feeling unhappy about your body?
  • Having low confidence?
  • Feeling bloated?
  • Feeling sluggish and low on energy, even after a full nights sleep?
  • Feeling stressed, depressed or anxious?
  • Picking up cold and flu's easily?
  • Struggling with your weight after trying diet after diet?
  • Not being able to fit into the clothes you want?

We are here to change all that!

Manchester personal training Hey, my name is Kyle Masterman.

I am the founder of NME Fitness and your health and fitness expert.

I know what it is like to be unhappy with the way you look and feel!

I was once overweight, unfit and out of shape....

I managed to change my health, body and life in a short amount of time by following a very similar programme to that which I am offering to you.

The difference is that I had to seek my information from several sources of professionals.

I have helps hundreds of people understand health, fitness & nutrition in order to change their lives and get them the physical results they crave with long term affects.

I Know What You Are Thinking!....

”I bet its too tough and I won’t be able to do it!”…


All of the clients I worked with did NOT start at the place they are at now. Most of them had struggles.

They were worried about all sorts of things....

But they made the changes to become the people they are now.

You will be guided step by step, starting with the basics to build a foundation to progress from there.

You will get help and support too, because after all... that is the part most people need, right?

You will NOT have to eat boring foods or count calories....everything we do is family friendly too.

NME Fitness is not just a random workout and meal plan, but a process that is geared to results using a combination of habit changing, nutrition education and training to help you get the best results.

Lets Make It Count...

At NME Fitness we help people just like you to overcome their struggles and obstacles of unhealthy food, lack of motivation, lack of time and the lack of clarity of what to do to get results that stay long term. So that you can lose some weight, tone up, get fitter so that running up the stairs does not have you gasping for breath and increase confidence.

  • Constant Support

    This programme allows you to be in touch with your health & fitness expert 24/7 via text and email

  • Targeted Workouts

    Workouts will designed specific to you and your needs

  • Family Friendly Nutrition

    The nutritional changes will be family friendly unlike many diets. You will also be supplied with family friendly recipes, including curries, KFC style chicken, ice cream and more…

  • Body Analysis

    We will analysis your body to tell you the changes that take place, rather than just following the unreliable scales

  • Weekly Adherence Checks

    We will get you to fill out a food diary so that we can make sure you are following the right path

  • Access VIP Facebook Support Group

    We have a private support group which allows all our clients to interact.

    You will also get extra info, home workouts and more on there.

Private Personal Training Gym


Based in Denton
Tameside, Manchester

(Located just off junction 24, M60)

Holland Street
Denton, Tameside
M34 3WE

Personal training can be pretty daunting, that is why we work out of a private gym studio.

This way you can train in a comfortable environment, knowing that everyone around you is either helping someone or being helped.

Latest Blogs

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I started my weight loss journey on my own at first and followed all sorts of diets I found on the internet. I lost some weight, but found I put it back on just as fast when I stopped dieting so much. I met Kyle and as soon as we sat down an talked he gave me instant confidence. He was very thorough and explained how he was going to go about my training. He put me on a higher calorie nutrition plan, which I was hesitant about, but I trusted he knew better. I started weight training, which I had never really thought to do when losing weight, but even after such a short period of time I started to notice some dramatic changes. I worked with Kyle as a personal trainer for 12 months and he changed my life!

- James Booth, Denton, Tameside, Manchester

I love the training sessions, they are hard but fun. Kyle does not stop talking about health and fitness, you can tell he is really passionate about what he does.

- Kath McCann, Droylsden, Tameside, Manchester

I didn't realise how training and eating right would help me so much. Previously I felt sluggish, tired and fatigued and having 3 kids that can make things difficult. The first week was a tough adjustment, but it got easier from there with Kyle's support. After a month my life completely changed, I felt refreshed in the mornings and the energy lasted throughout the day. I trained 3 times a week and lost 10 lbs in the first month and that just gave me the encouragement and determination to push more and harder.

- Joanne Pilling, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Tameside, Manchester

Kyle is fantastic! After trying the norm gym etc I trained with him and managed to lose over 3 stone in weight and two years on I've maintained that weight loss. His determination and knowledge inspired me. He doesn't do fad diets or quick fixes, he explains everything. I would recommend him to anyone if you can put in the hard work he is the best. The best boot camp I ever did and actually looked forward to it every week. Thanks Kyle 🙂

- Donna Murphy, Droylsden, Tameside, Manchester

Great personal trainer, really helpful in all needs, gets you working really hard and you feel determined to succeed. Helps you with your food diary and is there all the time if you need to ask a question. Would highly recommend. Cheers Kyle

- Darren Riddett, Audenshaw, Tameside, Manchester

Getting Kyle as a personal trainer was one of the best decisions I have made. I had used personal trainers before and they had never worked with me in such detail. With other trainers it always felt liked they winged each session, but training with kyle was different. From the first consultation he was very informative, explaining how he was going to do things and why he was doing it that way. I was able to contact him outside of sessions, which was great because I had plenty of questions and he was very quick to respond.

He worked with me closely to help change my poor eating habits. I am now making plenty of meals that I enjoy and don't end up feeling sluggish the next day because of it. A massive bonus for me was my skin , it cleared up after the first few weeks to the point that I could wear less make up!

As kyle always says "taking small steps to create big changes", well you have created a big change in my life and I am forever thankful.

- Jane Adir, Stockport, Cheshire

**Results vary based on nutrition, exercise and dedication **

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