Would You Like To Drop A Clothes Size In The Next 4 Weeks?

...transforming your body & health to not only look, but feel AMAZING!

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Personal Trainer Boot Camp Tameside

Nutrition Mindset Exercise is a transformation boot camp in Tameside, offering an affordable solution to personal training.

Through an education of fitness, nutrition &  lifestyle, we will help you to transform your health, body, mind & life!

Imagine In As Little As 4 Weeks You Could...

  • Wear The Clothes You Want

    Look amazing in your favourite jeans, dress, or swimwear

  • Feel Happy & Confident

    Watch the smile on your face grow, as your measurements decrease

  • Increase Health & Fitness

    Improve your standard of living with better lifestyle habits

  • Burn Stubborn Fat & Tone Up

    Burn unwanted fat & tone up around the hips, legs, arms and stomach

  • Have More Natural Energy

    Have a more stable, positive mood & energy throughout the day

When You Sign Up You Will Get

  • Unlimited Training

    Get access to ALL 100+ of our professionally coached sessions per month, 7 days a week. Designed to burn tons of fat, tone muscles, boost fitness & strength in the shortest amount of time.

  • Nutrition Booklet

    Get our nutrition booklet, that has helped ALL our clients understand & easily implement nutrition into their lifestyle, to get amazing results without calorie counting, starving or fad dieting methods

  • Meal Plan & Recipes

    Get our 7 day fat loss meal plan, along with plenty of tasty, easy to make, and family friendly recipes, giving you an idea of what you can eat. Helping to stop the boredom of dieting & the foods that go with it

The Key To How We Get Results

  • Support

    Getting involved in our private members group, gives you access to a professional in health, fitness & nutrition to support you through the whole journey

  • Motivation

    Joining our warm, welcoming community, whilst doing short, fun and high energy sessions will make your experience more enjoyable, which enables you to stay motivated

  • Accountability

    Having someone check in on you weekly for progress, call you out when you don’t turn up for sessions or when you make excuses is the best way to stay on track

Become One Of Our Success Stories!

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The Investment In Your Health, Body & Results You Want...

When you think the average personal trainer in Tameside charges £20-35 PER SESSION!!!

Our boot camp comes at an absolute steal at just £19.75 PER WEEK!!!

AND unlike the other personal trainers, we will GUARANTEE your results...

If you don't see any results during the 4 week program, we will refund you 200% of your money back!!

4 Week Transformation Program
  • Get instant access to everything right away
  • Guaranteed results or 200% money back
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