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Transform Your Body WITHOUT Restrictive Dieting & Exercising For Hours Each Day...

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We are sick of people being mislead by false advertising, dodgy supplements, fad diets & misleading information, so we put together a FREE fitness & nutrition programme to give people some the tools and information needed to be on the right path for better health and fat loss. In this programme, you will find;

✓ Goal Setting & Action Planning For Long Term Success
✓  9 Key Habits To Better Health & Long Term Fat Loss
✓  7 Day Meal Plan
✓  Home Workouts
✓  Facebook Support Group

Tameside & Manchester Personal Trainer

NME Coaching - Specialists in Body Transformations.

Using our Hybrid Formula™, we help men & women get their gym mojo back, overcome obstacles of unhealthy food & stop their struggles with lack of time & clarity of what to do in order to;

  • Drop Clothes Size To Wear The Ones They Want
  • Become Fitter, Stronger & Leaner
  • Get Toned Up Arms, Chest Legs, Back, Abs & Bum
  • Feel Full Of Energy Throughout The Day
  • Boost Happiness, Confidence & Self- Esteem
  • Improve Health & Reduced Risk Of Illness

How We Help You Get The Results You Want

  • Training

    We provide fun & effective workouts, that tone, boost fitness, strength & health, whilst burning tons of fat in the process.

  • Nutrition

    We provide personalised non-restrictive nutritional guidance, along with sample meal plan and family friendly recipes.

  • Lifestyle

    We coach & empower you to implement positive lifestyle changes that you can stick to in order to attain life long results.

  • Support

    We help, support & mentor you, keeping motivated & accountable to smash the goals you want to achieve.

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What Clients Have Said

Sue's Is 55 Years Young, Lifting Weights, Feels Better Physically & Mentally ...


Chris Went From Not Exercising For 10 Years To Having a Complete Lifestyle Change...


Richard Was Reluctant & Scared To Start, But Has Since Lost 40lbs So Far...



**results vary due to exercise, nutrition & dedication**

**results vary due to exercise, nutrition & dedication**

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With the information in this programme you can lose up to 10lbs in the first 28 days & you will set yourself up for a lifestyle of better, health & fitness

In this programme you will get access to information that other personal trainers would charge for!

Why are we giving  away for FREE?!

We are sick & tired of people being lead astray by the crap restrictive diets, dodgy supplements & misinformation that is out there, it's not fair to be playing with peoples health!

We want to give you a small set of tools (information) that can be a HUGE turning point in your mindset about fat loss / weight loss & "dieting"

  • Goal Setting & Action Planning For Long Term Success
  • Learn Key 9 Habits To Better Health & Long Term Fat Loss
  • 7 Day Meal Plan
  • Home Workouts
  • Facebook Support Group
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