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NME Fitness - Personal Trainer are very different to most personal trainers in Manchester.

Using a combination of skills from qualifications in personal training, nutrition and life coaching we take a different approach to other personal trainers.

A lot of personal trainers in Manchester design meal plans and workout routines as if it is designed for athletes or fitness models so they end up very restrictive & boring.

We work with people who are limited for time (job, family, etc) and wants to lead a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, slim down, wear the clothes they want and boost their confidence without having to eat boring diet food and follow strict regimes.

We provide a fully comprehensive service in our private personal training studio in Ashton Under Lyne. Just off Junction 23, M60, which gives easy access to personal training clients in; Tameside, Stockport, Oldham, Cheshire & Manchester.

A glimpse at what you get;

  • Body transformation sessions - blast fat, boost fitness and get lean
  • Nutrition guidance that involves eating plenty of amazing tasting food the whole family can enjoy (no fad diets) with healthy recipes ideas
  • Mindset coaching to help you focus and create a strategy to success
  • Access to our VIP members only website
  • Help and support each step of the way

I want you to be 100% honest with yourself here... Are you SICK & TIRED of:

  • Being unhappy about your body and practically hating it?
  • Feeling like you can't do the things you want because of how you feel?
  • Having little to no confidence?
  • Feeling like you are unattractive?
  • Constantly trying to cover up your body with 'baggy clothes' instead of the stuff you WANT to wear?
  • Trying diet after diet and NEVER seeing any real long term results?

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Here is the best part, you DO NOT have to feel this way…

personal trainer tamesideHey my name is Kyle Masterman, body transformation coach, the founder of NME Fitness - Personal Trainer and the creator of the "Weight Loss Habits System".

I help men and  women to finally understand nutrition and exercise so they can get results quickly… and keep the results long term.

BUT…I want to be COMPLETELY honest with you.

I Used To Struggle Too...

It was not always this way. I have not always been "in shape". I used to be overweight - in fact I was close to 18 stone and had a size 38 inch waist.

I felt sluggish all day, I had terrible mood swings and I had an awful skin complexion. I had  zero energy and plenty of brain fog which made it a struggle to do practically anything.

I felt embarrassed with my top off and I remember one year while on holiday where I just thought that enough is enough I decided I HAD to change.

I literally tried everything to change my body. I tried all sorts of different training programmes, searched online and followed different programmes, tried different supplements and diets.

Nothing worked!

Well, not until I finally discovered a solution....

I invested in professionals. I used an online nutrition coach and a personal trainer when I was at the gym, this triggered me to find my career path to become a personal trainer.  I wanted to help people transform their body and lives just like I did.

I took different components from what I learned. Took what was useful and rejected what was not and that was when my unstoppable system was born… The ‘Weight Loss Habit System'

The success of the system is made up of 4 pillars: Mindset, Nutrition, Exercise & Lifestyle.

This exact system completely changed my life, it not only changed the way I looked, but the way I felt too!

My skin cleared up, I had the energy to jump straight out of bed in the morning, I felt vitalised all day long and I actually FELT GREAT about my body.

The biggest change you could notice was my confidence and happiness!

Now, I am on a mission to help as many men & women, just like you change their lives and finally end their frustration.

I know what you are thinking....

I can hear the fear in you now thinking of all sorts of excuses not to do this...

- I bet it's too hard
- I have tried things before and it didn't work
- Having a personal trainer is for fit and healthy people

Everyone starts from the bottom and ALL my personal training clients I have worked with did NOT start in the position they are in now. Most of them had their worries and struggles before they started, just like you have right now.

BUT, they took the steps to build them up to be the people they are right now.

You will be guided and mentored every step of the way. We don't throw you in the deep end with information, everything is structured so that you build on your habits gradually to build the foundations and progress from there.

What Changes Will I See And Feel?

weight loss tamesideWe Help You Lose Weight

Moving the number on the scales can prove to be difficult at times, using our combination of nutrition and exercise you will start to see a positive difference.

We Help You Lose Body Fat

You will burn off your stubborn and unwanted body fat that you have been trying to get rid of for years!

build muscle manchesterWe Help You Build Lean Muscle

Lean muscle is what makes you look good and for women it gives you a toned look. The beauty of lean muscle too is that it helps to burn more calories.
Don't worry ladies, we promise you won't turn into bodybuilders.

We Help You Tone Your Body

Get the slender or chiseled body through eating the right foods and doing the right workouts to burn the fat and build lean muscle.

feel better tamesideWe Help You Look & Feel Better

A results of eating better and exercise will results in looking and feeling your absolute best!

We Help You Get Fitter

Using high intensity methods you will boost your fitness rapidly, without having to do any long boring cardio.

healthy manchesterWe Help You Get Healthier & Live Longer

Health issues are arising everywhere, with cancer now at 1 in 2 people in the UK. Eating clean, exercising and leading a healthier lifestyle will dramatically reduce the risk of illness and disease.

We Help You Boost Your Confidence

When you feel great about yourself, it gives you more confidence to go for that new job or promotion, wear that bikini or feel good on a night out.

mental focus tamesideWe Help You Build Better Focus & Clarity

We help you map out goals to keep a clear focus on how you can acheive in life, creating a positive mindset will help attract positive outcomes.

We Help You Regain Energy

Feel more energised and vitalised so that you don't crash mid day and rely on coffee to get you through.

drop a jean size manchesterWe Help You Wear The Clothes You want

Be able to go shopping and buy the clothes you want without having to check if they fit you properly.

We Help You Boost Your Sex Drive

Clean eating and exercise will help rekindle the fire in your relationship.

long term results tamesideWe Help You Achieve Long Term Results

Our mission is to educate you so that you can walk away knowing what to do so that you never have to fad diet again.

How To I Start Working With You?

To start you health and fitness journey with NME Fitness - Personal Trainer in Manchester all you need to do is reach out.

Call Kyle :07861810023 to book your FREE consultation


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