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The Mission Of Nutrition Mindset Exercise

Is to help men & women to lose weight, whilst being happy in their own body again

We Help Men & Women

To drop clothes sizes, change their health, boost energy levels & improve overall quality of life to regain their confidence back.

We Do This

By providing the best service and information through our 3 pillars to success;

  • Training

    Stop wasting time on wrong workouts & exercises.  Reshape your body using WITHOUT long hours of daily cardio.

  • Nutrition

    Learn how to lose weight WITHOUT heavy dieting restrictions & bland, boring “diet” foods.

  • Support

    Having someone hold you accountable, motivate and support you is probably the biggest factor to getting results.

Our Goal Is To Offer More For FREE Than Most Personal Trainers Will Charge For

**results vary due to exercise, nutrition & dedication**

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kyle masterman personal trainer tameside

Hi i'm Kyle Masterman, owner and coach at Nutrition Mindset Exercise.

Unlike most personal trainers, I got into this industry through my own weight loss journey, going from 16st 10lbs down to 12st 8lbs, losing a total of 58lbs over 3 years.

Along the way I had tried all sorts of programs, diets, supplements & gimmicks...

I come to learn that what I thought to work, just wasn't true and were industry myths.

And with all the conflicting information that is available, it was hard to distinguish what was real information and what was false, this lead to me having more losses than wins in the beginning of my journey.

Learn 3 Secrets The Weight Loss Industry Don't Want You To Know