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Tameside Personal Trainer

Join Our 4 Week Transformation Program And Get Fitter, Lose Weight & Feel Body Confident

WITHOUT Eating Bland "Diet Foods", Calorie Counting AND Hours Of Daily Exercise

tameside personal fitness training
tameside personal fitness trainer
personal fitness trainer tameside
tameside personal training

What Results You Can Expect After 4 Weeks

Lots Have Dropped a Clothes Size  

People Have Lost Anywhere From 8 -14lbs   

Average Loss Is 3-4 Inches From The Waistline 

Revived Body Confidence & Feel Happier

Burn Body Fat All Over To Look More Toned  

Increase Health, Well-Being & Boost Energy  

Become Fitter, Stronger & Leaner

Focused Mindset For a Positive Mental Attitude

personal fitness training TAMESIDE
fitness training TAMESIDE
30 minute pt
fitness trainer TAMESIDE

What You Get During Your 4 Week Program

Unlimited Group Sessions

Get a workout designed to burn tons of fat, boost fitness and tone the body EVERY TIME you walk into the private gym.

Personal Trainer Lead

All sessions are fully coached by a personal trainer, to reduce risk of injury and always keep you challenged and motivated.

6 Days a Week

We have sessions available on weekdays at 7am / 9:30am / 5:30pm / 6pm / 6:30pm and then on a Saturday at 10am. 


Book around your busy schedule onto any of our quick and effective 30 minute sessions easily using our booking app.

Private Gym

Train in a relaxed environment that is fun & safe, away from all the grunters and posers you find in a commercial gym.

Nutrition Plan

You'll love the nutrition plan that tailors to you and allows you to get in shape WITHOUT calorie counting or restrictive dieting.

Meal Plan & Recipes

Take out all the guess work and learn how to make meals that are healthy, yet are SUPER TASTY (inc lots of your favourite foods)

Habit Building

Learn how to track goals that YOU have control of, developing long term habits that become as automatic as brushing your teeth.

Supplement Guide  

Instead of wasting your money, learn which supplements that will actually benefit your goals and your health.

Mindset Coaching  

Break through the mental barriers that have continually set you up to fail, manage your stress and overcome emotional eating  

Body Analysis  

Get an in depth insight into your bodies composition and key health indicators, as we keep track of your progress throughout.  


Train alongside like minded people all striving towards similar goals, which will keep you motivated to always perform your best.  

Private Support Group  

Join an online support system where you can connect with everyone on the program, sharing your highs, lows, meals and more.  

Professional Support

You will have a professional on hand all the times to keep you on track and guide you whenever you're feeling stuck or confused.


We will always check-in with you during sessions, but also keep you accountable on a weekly basis for your goals and progress.

Money Back Guarantee

Join RISK FREE! Get a 100% FULL refund if you're unhappy for ANY reason during your first 14 days. No hassle or questions asked.

The value of this program is over £300

You Can Join The 4 Week Transformation Program Today For Just £80

That's just £20 per week - same as a takeaway and a bottle of wine at the weekend!  

The timer has expired!

personal training TAMESIDE
weight loss tameside

Hey, my name is Kyle Masterman and I'm your coach at Nutrition Mindset Exercise.

Growing up I was never into fitness, and at 21 I was 17 stone. My own transformation took me on the journey to become a personal trainer, as I wanted to help others overcome similar obstacles that I did.

 My reasons for getting in shape was confidence and vanity issues - not liking what I seen in the mirror. These days I keep in shape for optimum health, mental health and to be a role model for my family.

Over the years I have learnt new things and experienced new challenges (like having kids), this has enabled me to continually adapt the way I approach health and fitness, which in turn has allowed me to help my clients with simple and clearer coaching systems, that still yield awesome results.

 TAMESIDE fat loss
weight loss TAMESIDE
  • 5 star review  Kyle is a cracking PT. Having lacked the motivation and guidance, I know I needed to invest in personal training. I couldn't have chose anyone better. He understands the demands of my job, and what works for me. Kyle doesn't just follow a set fitness plan, he adapts them to suit your individual needs. Losing 4 inches in the first 6 weeks with Kyle was definitely proof that he knows what he is doing!

    thumb Dominic Traynor
  • 5 star review  Brilliant personal trainer, very knowledgeable and helps keep you motivated. Definitely not just your average trainer, my mood lifted and I am generally happier. Kyle helped me to understand training and also the importance of nutrition. Would definitely recommend.

    thumb Leanne Worthington
  • 5 star review  Having used a personal trainer whilst working in New Zealand I was a bit apprehensive about using one again as my experience wasn't the greatest. How ever after explaining my goals to Kyle I couldn't recommend him more. His attention to detail is second to none. His routines feel personal rather than generic. He is always on hand for support and knows when you need pushing and when you just need encouragement.

    thumb Neoshrimp
  • 5 star review  This place is the best motivational experience ever if you're serious about exercising and losing the pounds. Kyle is a great guy, with real passion in what he does and very knowledgeable. Treats everyone as an individual, which helps you achieve the goals you're looking for. Thx Kyle.

    thumb Sean McCarrol
  • 5 star review  For many years I have tried to get into shape, diets of all kinds, local gym, gave up, the motivation just wasn’t there, my daughter started going to Kyle Mastermans classes, to see the transformation in her I couldn’t believe it so I thought ok I’ll try one last time, I spoke with him on line and also on the phone, can’t believe how comfortable he made me feel, anyway I decided to give it a go, I started 13 March and I just can’t believe the transformation, in a short space of time I’ve went from 78.6 kg to just over 70kg, not only do I look and feel better , I’ve made new friends, anyone who isn’t happy with there weight, I can honestly say come join us, I have met a wonderful group of people and Kyle Masterman is always there for you whether it be online on phone or in person , I most definitely recommend Kyle, he’s made my life a lot better, physically and mentally. 😊😊

    thumb lisa cowan
  • positive review  Never been able to stick to a fitness regime but here I feel so comfortable, Kyle is always there if you struggle with anything, only early days yet but I feel good and can honestly feel a difference, love that feel good factor, just waiting on that weight falling of 😊. Most of all what I do like is for once in my life I’m actually eating more healthier other than binge eating and I have Kyle to thank for that also 😊😊😊

    thumb Lisa Cowan Panzica
  • positive review  Kyle is very professional and knowledable not only in personal training but also in nutrition and has helped us so much, highly recommend. *****

    thumb Richard Jones
  • positive review  I have been working with kyle now for around 2 months, i feel much better in myself and kyle has been very helpful with everything including nutrition advice, i would highly recommend NME coaching..i have just signed up for a 12 month contract as i feel with the continuing support of kyle i can get to my goal and continue to maintain.

    thumb Farzana Naz
  • positive review  I always fancied training with a PT but I found the idea daunting! Coming to Kyle's groups has given me confidence that I never thought I had. I started on the 4 week programme and not only saw results but gained so much knowledge when it came to nutrition & fitness. I have now signed up with Kyle for the next 12 months! I know that with Kyle's guidance & support that I can achieve my goals! I never realised just how good exercise is for the mind & soul!! Thank you Kyle!!

    thumb Rebekah Matthews
  • positive review  Definitely recommend it especially the lovely Kyle he motivates you so much and it’s an enjoyment doing the training sessions you get to meet some lovely people and make new friends that are in the same boat as you

    thumb Denise Westley Was Loughlin
  • positive review  The best decision I made Kyle makes you feel relaxed and reassured and gives you the positive mental attitude you need I’ve been doing this three weeks and I have lost 2.1/2 inches off my chest and 4.1/2 inches off my waist and 1.1/2 inches off my hips I am so happy with what I’m achieved so far and I will continue for the foreseeable future. Don’t think just do it!!!!

    thumb Deborah Whitehead
  • positive review  Don’t get bullied in the gym get motivated, motivation is the key word at NME, I’ve been to a few gyms over the years and never felt comfortable, at NME Kyle motivates and supports you all the way and all the members make you feel welcome and also motivate each other, there’s no staring and no one making you feel useless and Kyle is a genuinely nice guy come on folks get joining 💪💪💪

    thumb Denise Lawton
  • positive review  When I started at NME I was sluggish, drinking more alcohol than I should, eating rubbish, not exercising, not sleeping and always felt tired and unwell and mentally drained 😔😔 I just thought “this is me now” .........then my daughter tagged me in Kyles post and after just 2 Weeks I am seeing a massive change 😮😆. I am eating healthily, not drinking alcohol (well the odd glass 😬) exercising with Kyle at least 3 times a week, sleeping like a log and have bags more energy. I feel mentally ready to take on the world again, just like my old self 👍 most importantly I am losing weight and inches, 6lb off, 3in off waist, 2 off hips. I can’t thank Kyle enough for pushing me to do what he knows I am capable of and all this is possible in just 30 MINUTES A DAY workout 😳😳 if I can spare 30 minutes in my hectic life then anyone can 👍👍

    thumb Helen Woodcock
  • positive review  Best decision I’ve made and I’ve always fancied having a PT because I went to a gym and didn’t have a clue what I was doing. With Kyle you not only get the exercise but you also get help outside the training. He’s very welcoming, explains everything what your doing and he’s funny. Pushes you when you need it and that’s what I wanted personally. I would highly recommend Kyle to help you on your journey and after. Met some wonderful ladies and gents and made some friends on the way. I couldn’t thank him anymore than I have. Keep up the good work Kyle because I think your doing just fantastic!!!!

    thumb Laurie Duff
  • positive review  where to start....i had a goal to change my lifestyle before my big 50. i set myself a huge challenge with no idea how to reach it. thanks to my new mindset and kyles dedication to his clients i am making positive changes. if you want real results and are willing to do the work needed you cannot go wrong here, your given the tools and told what you need to do.......winning and change is then down to your own accountability

    thumb Lynn Ward
  • Samantha Gill

    When I joined with Kyle I set myself a target... It was March, I'd just turned 30 & my youngest had just turned 1... it was time to get in shape.

    I set my goal for Budapest in July, then I have a family wedding in August & the same in Athens in September.

    Fast forward to 1st July... I hadn't met my goal (2 stone), but my god my body had changed, I felt fitter and healthier and I just had an overall glow.

    Two weeks later & I've smashed my target in time for my other plans!!

    Audenshaw, Tameside
    Group Personal Training

  • Joanne Pilling

    I didn't realise how training and eating right would help me so much. Previously I felt sluggish, tired and fatigued and having 3 kids that can make things difficult. The first week was a tough adjustment, but it got easier from there with Kyle's support. After a month, my life completely changed. I felt refreshed in the mornings and the energy lasted throughout the day. I trained 3 times a week and lost 10 lbs in the first month and that just gave me the encouragement and determination to push more and harder.

    Droylsden, Tameside
    Group Personal Training

  • Sarah Challenger

    Kyle is fantastic at what he does and supports you 100%. Six weeks in I am a stone lighter and lost inches all over.

    The groups are friendly and welcoming whatever your ability.

    I have never been able to get the balance right of healthy eating and exercise. Thanks to Nutrition Mindset Exercise I have found it easy to change and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

    looking forward to what the future brings

    Stalybridge, Tameside
    Group Personal Training

  • Sue Upton

    I've been yoyo dieting for most of my life,you name the diet, I've tried it. I managed to lose weight but always put those extra pounds back on ,I felt I had to do something about it, before I hit the big 40. I did some research and came across NME Coaching, decided I'd give it a go , it was the best decision I've made. Over a three month period I've lost 2 stone 5lb. Kyle Masterman has extensive knowledge of nutrition and exercise, he is also very motivational. I would recommend Kyle and nme coaching for anybody wanting to make the change as I did

    Stalybridge, Tameside
    Group Personal Training

  • Denise Westly

    Definitely, recommend it especially the lovely Kyle he motivates you so much and it’s an enjoyment doing the training sessions you get to meet some lovely people and make new friends that are in the same boat as you

    Ashton Under Lyne, Tameside
    Group Personal Training

  • Kirsty Proctor

    I loved my time working with Kyle personal training, it was such an eye opener. You can see how passionate he is about what he is talking about especially when it comes to the food we eat and all the conflicting information that is out there on diets. He has helped me in so many ways and is an invaluable source of information.

    Ashton Under Lyne, Tameside
    Group Personal Training

  • Darren Reddit

    Great personal trainer. Really helpful in all needs, gets you working really hard and you feel determined to succeed. Helps you with your food diary and is there all the time if you need to ask a question. Would highly recommend. Cheers Kyle

    Audenshaw, Tameside
    1v1 Personal Training 

  • Jane Adir

    Getting Kyle as a personal trainer was one of the best decisions I have made. I had used personal trainers before and they had never worked with me in such detail. I was able to contact him 24/7, which was great because I had plenty of questions.

    He helped me change my poor eating habits and I am now making plenty of meals that I enjoy and don't end up feeling sluggish the next day because of it.

    I lost over 2 stone with Kyle, but as Kyle always says "taking small steps to create big changes", well you have created a big change in my life and I am forever thankful.

    Denton, Tameside
    1v1 Personal Training

  • Leanne Worthington

    Brilliant personal trainer, very knowledgeable and helps keep you motivated. Definitely not just your average personal trainer, my mood lifted and I am generally happier. Kyle helped me to understand training and also the importance of nutrition. Would definitely recommend.

    Ashton Under Lyne, Tameside
    1v1 Personal Training

  • Leanne Newy

    Before I started my journey with Kyle, I was feeling very low, no energy and hated the way I looked. I also lacked any kind of motivation to change these things about myself, until one day I was feeling very low and realised I needed to do something now otherwise I would be like this forever, so I started to look for personal trainers and came across NME Coaching.

    Looking through the website and reading the reviews I started to feel like this is what I needed to do. I sent an email and Kyle rang me, I made an appointment for a consultation and that was that.

    As soon as I walked into the studio I felt at ease, talking to him and telling him my problems was easy. I've been with Kyle for 12 weeks now and I feel like a completely different person, not only has he helped me with exercise, but also nutrition and state of mind.

    The sessions are always interesting, fun and tailor made to my needs. He is very good at keeping you motivated and if you have a concern about something he is always there to help and get you thinking positively again.

    The fact that Kyle loves his job and helping clients achieve their goals radiates from him and I am so glad I bit the bullet and did it. The weight is dropping off me, my muscles are defined (even muscles I never knew I had LOL), I have so much energy and love working out now (that's something I never thought I would say).

    Kyle is not just a personal trainer, he is a life changer and I will be eternally grateful.

    Denton, Tameside
    1v1 Personal Training

  • Chris Thorpe

    I've been with quite a few personal trainers over the years. But Kyle is totally different. He is not just there for your personal training sessions, but also there to help through the week with your meals to keep you on track. Totally transformed my eating habits, I've lost weight, lost inches off my waist, but also gained muscle ready for my hols!

    Droylsden, Tameside
    1v1 Personal Training

  • James Booth

    I started my weight loss journey on my own at first and followed all sorts of diets I found on the internet. I lost some weight but found I put it back on just as fast when I stopped dieting so much. I met Kyle and as soon as we sat down and talked he gave me instant confidence. He was very thorough and explained how he was going to go about my training. He put me on a higher calorie nutrition plan, which I was hesitant about, but I trusted he knew better. I started weight training, which I had never really thought to do when losing weight, but even after such a short period of time, I started to notice some dramatic changes.

    Denton, Tameside
    1v1 Personal Training