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NME Coaching - Personal Trainers in Tameside & Manchester are qualified in Personal Training, Advanced Nutrition & Life Coaching, which enables us to deliver a fully comprehensive service.

No matter your goal; Building Lean Muscle, Increasing Strength, Losing Weight, Burning Unwanted Body Fat or Boosting Your Health & fitness, we will show you step by step how to achieve your desired goal.

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** Winter Offer **
8 Weeks Full Comprehensive Service
- 2x a Week - £395
- 3x a Week - £595
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  • Private Personal Training Facility in Guide Bridge, Tameside. Just off Junction 23, M60
  • Proven Results & Highly Regarded Reviews
  • Workouts Designed Around Your Goals & Experience
  • Simple Nutrition Coaching - Building Habits Without Calorie Counting
  • Advanced Nutrition - Calorie & Macro-nutrient Calculations
  • VIP Online Members Area
  • 24/7 Help & Support

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**results vary due to exercise, nutrition & dedication**

**results vary due to exercise, nutrition & dedication**