About NME Coaching

kyle masterman personal trainer tamesideMy name is Kyle Masterman, I am the founder & head coach at NME Coaching.

I started in the health & fitness industry through my very own weight loss journey.  That journey grew into a passion for all things health & fitness. I want to be able to provide a service to people on the feeling I got from changing my life, so I went & got qualified as a personal trainer, nutrition consultant & life coach.

I am a bit of a geek, and love comic book & anime superheros (my fav being Goku - if you have ever heard of him).

This translates into all my programmes & workouts. I believe we are all superheros and my training & teaching can be the source to unleash those hidden powers that are within you!

Mission Statement

My mission is to educate, provide the tools & encourage everyone & anyone that they can be whatever & whoever they want to be.

I want to help people, build the mind, body, health & spirit of the modern day superhero.

A segment from one of my seminars - healthy body, healthy mind