kyle mastermanHey, my name is Kyle Masterman.

I am a personal trainer, life coach, nutrition & lifestyle coach.

I chose these 3 areas of expertise because my aim to so make a positive impact to as many people's lives as I can.

My qualifications include;

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • First Aid
  • Nutritional & Dietary Advisory
  • Sports Nutrition Diploma
  • Advanced Sports Nutrition
  • Life Coaching

Personal Training

This started out as me following my own path to weight loss and started my whole career for helping others.

Since then I have worked with and alongside bodybuilders, fitness models, boxers, semi-pro footballers, rugby players, professional dancers and marathon runners.

During my stints with these people and athletes I have picked up expert knowledge which I deliver in my services.


This is something I become obsessed with during my early years of being a personal trainer, and I still am to this day.

I soon realised that in order to gain great results with my clients, then nutrition was the key to that. It started out with a Nutritional and dietary advisory course and from there I become obsessed and have self developed with nutrition courses ever since.

All the diets and conflicting information makes it difficult for people to understand nutrition in order to get long term results so I created my nutrition coaching programme with help give real information and advice for people looking to become a healthier version of themselves.

Life Coaching

After years of training clients through personal training, I realised mindset is a massive barrier when it comes to change, progression in life and achieving anything.

As I have got older it made me realise I can impact peoples lives in such a massive way and this made me want to learn about life coaching and how I can help people change in other areas of their lives, not just in fitness and nutrition.

Life coaching is very powerful to me as I get to help people find the answers from within themselves in their career, health, relationships and self development.

Life coaching is all about helping people with their personal growth and creating a balance in their lives.