8 Simple Nutrition Rules

8 simple rules to weight loss

Personal trainer in Manchester Says follow these 8 nutritional rules and watch your body change! 1) DRINK MORE WATER The average person doesn’t drink enough water leading to water retention and dehydration. Dehydration leads to poor functioning cellular activity. The average man should drink 3-4 litres and women should drink around 2-3 litres a day.…

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Dieting is causing you to gain weight!

bad diet cycle

Personal Trainer in Manchester is telling you that your dieting is causing you to gain weight! Mind blowing, right? People all over the world go on a “diet” to lose weight…..well not exactly, it is mainly people in the west of the world, Yeah i’m looking at you USA and UK! This is because in…

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Are you fat or just heavy?

fat vs overweight

Personal Trainer in Manchester asks you; do you know the difference to being fat and just being heavy through muscle mass? Do you know what body composition is? Body composition describes the amount of fat, bone, water and muscle tissue in our body. In expensive ways to track you health risk is by using techniques…

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Sweating doesn’t mean you’re losing fat!

sweating vs fat loss

Personal trainer in Manchester tells you that sweating is your body fluid NOT fat! People have this misconception that when they sweat they are losing fat, with slogans such as; “Sweat is just fat crying” If that was the case, loads of people would just sit in a sauna and watch the pounds just melt…

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How much protein do I need?


Personal Trainer in Manchester helps you understand what protein is for and how much is needed. Are you eating too much protein? Protein has had a bit of a roller coaster ride the past decade. 10 years ago, when ever someone said they were on a high protein diet people immediately associated them with body…

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You Can’t Outrun A Bad Diet – and I am not talking exercise!

healthy lifestyle

Personal trainer in Manchester tells you to get your eating habits in check in order to start seeing changes in your body! This subject kind of hits home a little with me because I have and still am seeing it happen within my family. A healthy Diet is everything! Without a healthy diet to supply…

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A Life coach is not an agony aunt

life coach

A life coach helps you unlock your potential I was on facebook the other day and a friend of mine posted a sarcastic status “Is it me or has everyone become a qualified life coach“. Now I knew which angle he was coming from, in the fact that with facebook everyone seems to have an…

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New Years Resolutions

new year health and fitness

Personal trainer in Manchester has his thoughts on New Years Resolutions As I am writing this new years day is 2 days away and no doubt we are going to see on social media and hear our family and friends tell us its a “new year, new me”. Now from a health and fitness point of…

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Using the 80/20 rule in your life

80/20 lifestyle

Personal trainer Manchester shows you how to use the 80/20 rule to improve your nutrition and lifestyle A lot of people who already know about the 80/20 will immediately associate it with a “diet”. That is because with the ever increasing problem of obesity in the western world “diets” seem to be the key figure…

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S.M.A.R.T goals setting

smart goals

Personal trainer Manchester shows you how to set goals the SMART way. When we set out the achieve something, most people immediately think that is the goal and go all out hung ho in order to achieve this. For example, when new year rolls around and everyone jumps on the fitness band wagon and gyms…

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