Corporate Wellness & Fitness Manchester

Give your employees the education, support and tools they need to be better versions of themselves both at home and at work and help your organisation stand out from the competition.

Employee Wellness Programme Manchester

corporate wellnessCorporate wellness in Manchester has become an increasing factor in many employers packages as part of their work perks.

Work life has changed over the past 20 years and more people are finding themselves in jobs where they are behind a desk with minimal activity throughout the day. Working hours & work load stress have both increased dramatically.

Unfortunately due to lives becoming busier through work, it means exercise and nutrition is taking a hit, which in turn is becoming an increasing health problem for the population.

What Does Your Corporate Wellness Programme Include?

  • Fitness - We come to you and provide fully coached classes that include; exercise, stretching & breathing techniques.
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle - We provide full online coaching for nutrition & lifestyle habits so that your employees have the knowledge for long term wellness

Why Use Corporate Wellness In Manchester?

It was Google that pioneered the corporate wellness program to increase employee satisfaction in the digital age. Their philosophy was that to get the best out of their talent, they had to make their office a place people wanted to work. Exercise brought employees together, improved morale, and made them more productive. Now, companies across the country are trying to emulate Google’s success and are establishing workplace wellness programs of their own.

Benefits Of Corporate Fitness In Manchester?

There are numerous benefits of corporate wellness programs. In fact there are more than 200 scientific studies indicating the positive return-on-investment for corporate wellness programs.

Benefits For The Employee

  • Makes Work Fun - Sometimes work gets boring, repetitive and draining. This drains morale and lowers productivity.
  • Increase Well Being - Engaging in healthy eating and exercise increases energy, state of mind and wellness.
  • Increase In Energy Levels - Indulging in healthier habits helps us become more energetic.
  • Reduced Levels Of Stress - One of the key factors in health and wellness is reducing stress. Especially if you work in a high demand job, things can get difficult and it’s best to tackle them at the source.

Benefits For The Employer

  • Decrease In Absentee's - A healthier employee means less illness', and less illness' means less sick days
  • Builds a Community - Group activities will get employee's connected not only more to your company, but to your fellow employees as well.
  • Improved Morale - According to the AFLAC 2012 Workforce Report, employees who took part in a workplace wellness program are more satisfied at their jobs than those who don’t partake
  • Increased Productivity - Engaging in workplace wellness activities, like exercise and eating well, increases employee productivity and performance.

** A seminar we delivered on nutrition & wellness for business **