Personal trainer in Manchester explains how your hormones are making you fat

Unfortunately due to eating poor habits & the amount of stress in modern life, we have caused a flurry of imbalances with our hormones that until they have been corrected, you will never lose weight at an optimum rate, in fact you might not lose fat at all in some areas of the body!
The hormones that cause this are;
Insulin- Is the blood sugar hormone or what I like to call the fat burning on/off switch and is very much the culprit of type 2 diabetes.

  • Problem fat areas – Upper back around the shoulder blades
  • Symptoms –Fatigue, Lack of focus, High blood sugar, Intestinal bloating, Weight gain, difficulty losing weight, Increased blood pressure, Depression, Sleepiness after a meal
  • How to reduce imbalance – Following this nutrition plan properly will reduce your insulin imbalance.

Cortisol – Known as the stress hormone is the hormone culprit for holding onto the fat around your lower abdominals, also known as the pouch.

  • Problem fat areas – Stomach, Umbilicus or lower abdominals and love handles
  • Symptom – Not sleeping properly, Find it hard to fall asleep (second wind), Tired after a full night’s sleep, Gaining weight especially around the umbilicus, catching colds and infection easily, Crave unhealthy food (sugar & alcohol), Backache & headaches, Low sex drive, nausea, heartburn, diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, Feel anxious, Feel down or depressed
  • Fact – Steady state cardio such as – jogging, cycling, zumba, etc causes a further imbalance, leading to more storage of fat in that area rather than burning it!
  • How to reduce imbalance – At least 2000mg of fish oils (Supplement with salmon or krill oil), Eat more fruit & veg, Eat more eggs & seeds, exercise properly, relax 20 min a day, Get your herbs and spices in, Take a multivitamin, especially vit C and Folic acid, Reduce caffeine & alcohol, keep blood sugars stable (insulin)

Androgen- This is mainly lacking in men, not so much women. An imbalance in this hormone normally leads to a difficulty in adding lean muscle mass.

  • Problem fat areas – Pectorals (Chest) and Triceps
  • Symptoms – Low sex drive, sleep disturbance, loss of muscle, fatigue, depression, brain fog, loss of scalp hair, acne, oily skin, aggression. Anxiety.
  • How reduce the imbalance- Eat plenty of fruits, nuts and green leafy veggies, avoid high trans-fat foods and sugary foods. Eat more healthy fats. Reduce Alcohol
    (Women) Limit red meat, drink green tea.
    (Men) Consume plenty of zinc & vitamin D, Increase protein intake (especially BCAA’s)Thyroid – Almost everyone has heard about the link to their thyroid and weight gain. This is the master gland for your metabolism.
  • Problem fat areas – Mid Torso ( At the side of the body)
  • Symptoms – Muscle & Joint pain, brittle hair, dry & thick skin, diarrhoea, IBS, bad cholesterol issues, depression & anxiety, difficulty losing weight, fatigue.
  • How to reduce the imbalance – Eat a clean nutrient rich diet ( plenty of meal, fish, eggs, good fats, fruit & veg), Avoid soy, get plenty of minerals, get plenty of rest, get at least 2000mg of fish oil, vitamin b complex (found in eggs, wheat germ, oats, green veggies, poultry, fish & rice), Lots of iodine (found in sea vegetables such as Kelp or Spirulina)

Growth Hormone – One of, if not the key hormone for muscle building and fat loss. Quality sleep is the only way to have this bad boy released into the body.

  • Problem fat areas – You will hold a lot of fat around the calves and knees
  • Symptoms – Increased blood pressure, decreased energy, decrease metabolic rate, increased abdominal fat, decrease in muscle strength and size, increase in fat, dizziness, weakness and tired, sleeping problems.
  • How to reduce the imbalance – Do strength training, Do high intensity burst training, get at least 8 hours sleep, take GABA and melatonin supplements before bed, eat high quality protein, increase vitamin D, Avoid sugar, get more amino acids, take glutamine after a workout.


Estrogen – Yes ladies, you can have too much or too little of it which is causing you to gain fat along with other major problems like breast cancer!

  • Problem fat areas - Quadriceps and Hamstrings (thighs)
  • Symptoms – Fluid retention, suppressed thyroid, fatigue, crave sweets, breast swelling and tenderness, mood swings, hair loss, cold hands and feet, sluggish metabolism, abnormal menstrual periods.
  • How to reduce the imbalance – Eat plenty of green veggies (broccoli, kale, cabbage), Get plenty vit C, reduce diary, avoid soy, eat foods high in fibre, eat hormone free meats.