keep calm and lose fatToday's society is so fast paced, we don't take the time to ourselves to just take a minute to breathe and relax.

Just putting this out there now to make you very aware!

Stress not only causes you to become fat and hold onto weight, but it is also the lead contributor to some of the worlds biggest diseases; heart attack, cancer, diabetes, suicide through depression and anxiety.

What can cause stress?

In this day and ages, a lot of people just put it down as "part of the job", but don't actually learn to manage that stress. Instead they will just go home and pour themselves an alcoholic drink.

pst...this adds to your stress and weight gain problem.

Other big stressors in life are; money worries, relationships, having children and as pointed out before, just being too busy.

Their are other factors that can cause stress that you may not know about too.

The biggest one being lack of sleep!

Most people don't even get anywhere near enough sleep. Again lack o sleep is a lead cause of sleep, but also many of the biggest illness and diseases....seeing a connection?

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Other factors are your own self doubt and negativity. This leads to pessimism, negative self talk, bad attitude, lack of flexibility in thinking and unrealistic expectations.

We also have stressors from the processed foods you eat, the chemicals in the drinks you intake, high blood sugar from large sugar consumption, caffeine overload and poor air quality.

Stress and Fat Loss

When you are stressed you release a hormone called cortisol into the blood stream to help with your energy levels to deal with the stress. This was a great system to have years ago when man (and women) were confronted with something that gave chase and we needed the quick burst of energy to help us get away.

This stress usually went away and you went about your day as normal, unfortunately in this day, we are confronted with constant matters of stress.

As with anything in your body, your body can only release so much of this hormone before it gets fatigue and problems start arising.

  • The cells become less responsive
  • Inflammation occurs
  • Your hunger control hormones become unregulated

How to manage stress

Two key ways to manage your stress is through a clean diet and exercise, but even those two are not a strong enough team in the face of today's chronic stress problems.

I myself am a massive advocate of meditation, my clients always think I am crazy when I recommend it and wash it off as eastern medicine crap....but after weeks of stubborn fat not moving around the stomach they cave to the idea and guess what! They start seeing results.

Other ways to deal with stress are;

  • Identify the problems and see if it is really needed in your life or see if you can find ways to make it easier
  • Replace the unhealthy coping mechanisms (smoking, alcohol, drugs, pills, junk food, etc) and replace them with healthy ones.
  • Go and do things you enjoy. A lot of people hide away or find themselves doing the same thing in life over and over again. Take up a new hobby, go and do some activities.
  • Listen to music. Music is a massive mood setting and can determine how you go about your day.

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