This blog is about my own outcomes from the lack of sleep, there are many medical, health and weight loss reasons why you should sleep more, which you can read in this post here - Why you should sleep more.

lack of sleep
Can't sleep

My Lack Of Sleep

This week I have really struggled to get my sleep. I have been to the point where I feel exhausted all day, try to get an early sleep and BAM I'm wide awake!

My sleep pattern is so messed up and after 4-5 days, I am really starting to feel the side effects of it.


I always try to stay in a positive mindset as positivity breeds positivity, so I will always meditations, affirmations, music, clean eating, exercise, etc to stay positive. BUT, with tiredness comes a weakness that sometimes can't be controlled.

A lack of sleep has made me grumpy, more irritable, and my emotions are less stable. I find myself building up and then having to tell myself it is nothing and that the lack of sleep is causing me to think this way...

Now this might be well and good for me, as I am aware of the changes and effects, but most people are not and will just snap and have mood swings (not saying I haven't done that).


I am nearly 30 and spots will be the death of me! Sleep is THE most important thing so me when it comes to spots. When I start to miss a few hours of sleep throughout the week, I begin to flair up massively.

This is all down to hormone balancing, which sleep plays a huge part in.

After one night of a lack of sleep I always get spots around my nose, but the more sleep I lose the more my hormones become imbalanced, which means flair ups on my chin, jaw line and around my mouth.

Fat Gain

Again the hormones....

Because some of our major hormones are released when we deep sleep, when we lack sleep then many problems can occur. One major hormone that gets released is GROWTH HORMONE this bad boy tells your body to repair, rebuild, burn fat, build muscle and much more. So when you are not sleeping enough, then this hormone isn't getting released enough.

I took my weekly measurements earlier today and guess what....they went up!

The testosterone area (the triceps) went up by 2mm on the body fat calipers which has left me furious!


Hunger, triggered by yet more hormones, Ghrelin and Leptin.

Ghrelin is the main hunger hormone, this is the hormone that makes you feel hungry.

Leptin is the hormone that makes you feel satisfied....

When you're tired, these bad boys go all out of whack and your Ghrelin increases, whilst your Leptin decreases.

Sleep is a way you rebuild our energy, so when we lack sleep our brain knows another source of energy (food) which it is being told it needs from our messed up hormones.

I have found myself eating another meal, closer to bedtime too, not only that I found myself reaching for sugary stuff and chocolate, which is just asking for trouble.


Get more sleep!

Otherwise you will become a moody, angry, very emotion, spotty mess who just wants to eat everything in sight!


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