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  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Education

    We help you to easily understand nutrition, teaching you how the right and wrong foods can affect your body. We also educate on how lifestyle habits can cause problems in not just weight loss, but your overall health too.

  • Meal Plan & Recipes Ideas

    Food ideas and what to eat is where most struggle. That is why we supply a meal plan and plenty of amazing tasting, healthy versions of some of your favourite foods, such as curries, chilli con carne, desserts and more.

  • Exercise & Workouts

    Exercise is important for weight loss, health and wellness. We supply workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home, at work or even in a hotel room, whilst away.

  • Private Facebook Support Group

    You can get help and support from us and other members of the online coaching community anytime, any day of the week. Share your achievements, recipes ideas and experiences as you progress through your journey.

  • Live Q&A

    Every Sunday we hold a live Q&A on our private Facebook group so that you can ask us any questions in regards to nutrition, health & fitness.

  • Accountability Checks

    We supply trackers for your food diary, habit tracking and measurements. Every Sunday is accountability check day, where we ask you to provide us with an update on your journey.

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Our Nutrition & Wellness Coaching is much more than a weight loss system!

Diet's Don't Work! ... Long Term

  • STOP the confusion of conflicting information.
  • STOP yo-yo dieting - getting rapid results, only to end up rebounding in weight later on.
  • STOP counting calories & damaging your body with "low calorie" versions of food - these are normally full of chemicals
  • STOP feeling low on energy, feeling lethargic and fatigued
  • STOP hating your body.

Nutrition & Wellness Is More Than Weight Loss

People are always looking for that next quick fix diet that will help them lose "30lbs in 30 days" and there are plenty of dietary systems in the mainstream that can help you achieve that, BUT what they don't tell you is the many side affects from doing so; one of them being weight gain later due to metabolism damage. PLUS the many health problems that can arise when trying to "cheat the system".

This health and wellness coaching programme isn't just about losing weight. To be healthy you need to be a healthy weight, but their is also the bigger picture.

Most mainstream dietary systems will allow you to eat food laced with chemicals, just because it is low in calories.

There is NOTHING healthy about this...not even the low calorie part.

Eating healthy isn't about eating BORING diet foods either. We supply lots of recipes that are healthy, yet taste awesome!

Some of the benefits from taking control of your nutrition and lifestyle habits when you don't focus purely on the weight loss;

More energy, better sleep, better skin, hair & nails, better sex drive, better focus, regular bowel movement, better mental health, better sense of happiness, reduction of medication.

Plus many more...

Join Our Online ProgrammeJust £14.95 Monthly