Personal Trainer in Manchester Tells You Why He Hates Slimming World and Weight Watchers

weight-watchers-slimming-world Now saying you hate something is a bold statement to make, so you best have good reason to back that up....and I do!

I hate that everything they stand for as it is a complete contradiction to what they market themselves as standing for.

They claim to be companies that are looking out for peoples health; by helping them to lose weight.

Reason#1 - I hate them because they don't look out for peoples health

If they were looking out for peoples's health then they would be using the latest scientifically proven nutrition information out there in the "dietary systems" that they feed to people.

Lets take FATS for instance

Any decent personal trainer, nutritionist and anyone who has educated themselves on the latest nutritional science will know that fat is not the problem and that we need a certain amount of fat in our diet - around 25-30% on average.

  • Fat gets a bad name still because people still believe the old school myth before nutritional science came around that fats make you fat.....WRONG!
  • Along with the problem of trans fats or hydrogenated fats, that were man made. These are mono saturated fats forced with hydrogen to act like saturated fat - this is why saturated fats get a bad name. 


These fat free options are full of sugar, salt and chemicals to replace the fat and give it its enhanced taste.


I will be writing a whole article on this very soon....Just know, sugar is the root of all evil!

  • It slows down brain cognitive functioning
  • It created diabetes type 3
  • It has been linked with Alzheimer
  • It creates an acidic environment in the body, which is a breeding ground for many diseases
  • Cancer cells feed off sugar


We have all been told how bad salt is for years now, I remember being told about it in why are we allowing extra salt to be added in our foods?


I am just going to let that word sink in.....CHEMICALS!

Why are we feeding our bodies chemicals? What good has ever come from that?

We have a saying in the health industry

"The food you eat can be the most powerful form of medication or the slowest poison to cause death"

....and all that is just from something as small as not educating yourself on fat. 

I could write so much more about why they don't care for your health, but this blog post will turn into a novel so I will bullet point a few!

Reason #2 - The people who preach it don't look after their own health and are not even qualified in nutrition

This is one that really grinds my gears!

I have spent lots of money and hours to self develop myself in an education of nutrition, through several nutritional qualifications, so....

I'm sorry, but what gives Mary from down the road who is clearly overweight but she lost 2 stone that one time, the right to stand in front of a group of vulnerable people preaching how they need to be losing weight so that she can make a profit on them?

Do you think Mary really gives a crap if you lose weight or not?

As long as you are paying £5 a week, plus add-on's when you buy the weight watchers or slimming world crisp that are clearly a normal packet of crisp with half the crisp taken out and put into their own brand packaging!

Reason # 3 - Their own brand foods

These really do bite the biscuit (excuse the pun)!

You know that ready meal....they are full of those lovely chemicals and trans fats that I was talking about earlier. The only  difference is.... they have a little less content and packaged in a diet systems logo to make you think it is a better option.

These companies love to screw vulnerable people over. Good people who are wanting to change their health and lose weight. They go to these companies because they have such a huge following, so they TRUST in what they are saying as bible.

Reason #4 - Syns and Points

This is what the health and fitness industry like to call....calorie counting!

BUT as per usual these slim ball companies like to give it one of their messed up twist.

Of course Jane, you can eat that sugar loaded cake because you have built up your daily syns enough????

What kind of nonsense is that teaching anyone?

No wonder these people enter the viscous weight loss cycle. They are tricked into thinking they are doing so well and they can just eat the foods they want, little do they know they are breaking their metabolism AND not changing any long term habits so they will eventually put the weight back on.

Let me ask you this....

Have you ever known anyone that has been to weight watchers and slimming world that has kept the weight off in a 12 month cycle?

Erm.....probably not!

In a 12 month cycle they have probably dropped 2 stone & then put it back on, plus maybe more. January comes around again, and they are in the same position or worse off...

It is all part of their game plan because you will keep coming back for more, because you have entered yourself into the viscous weight loss cycle.

The weight loss cycle in a nutshell

Unhappy with your weight > Go to weight loss group> Lose weight > Stop weight loss group > Gain weight back (maybe more) > Go back to weight loss group to try and lose weight

They DO NOT TEACH you new lifetime health habits, BUT you know you have lost weight before with them, so you trust them to "help" again.

Reason #5 - Scales!

Measuring your progress using scales is as old school as avoiding fats because they make you fat!

It is so stupid! I have clients that in a 12 week period have; dropped clothes sizes, reduced their waist by 4-6 inches and dropped up to 10% body fat....BUT their weight has stayed the same, dropped around 2lbs or in some cases, gone up!

I don't think I have to write anymore as I have just proved my point, don't you think?


Just because they have a big brand backing them, doesn't mean they know what they are doing and can help you!

Go and find someone who is not only professionally qualified, but also lives and breathes what they say.

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