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Personal Training

A glimpse at what we provide;

  • Workout in a safe and friendly environment, in the comfort of our private gym
  • Workouts & meal plans specific to your goals
  • You will be shown which habits to build step by step to create long term success
  • Simple nutritional guidance that involves eating plenty of amazing tasting food the whole family can enjoy (no fad diets) with meal plans and recipes
  • Be kept accountable with weekly measurements and food diary checks
  • Help and support every step of the way, inside and outside of the gym

We have a lot of people ask us the following questions and we hope that the information below will cover the basic information you need when looking for a personal trainer or personal training services in Manchester & Tameside.

– What is a personal trainer?
– What is personal training?
– What do personal trainers do?
– Benefits of personal training?

A personal trainer (also known as a personal training instructor) is a qualified individual who is responsible for working with their clients to create fitness and exercise based programmes to suit you and your goals.

Personal Training is where YOU and YOUR health & fitness goals are at the forefront of the session. You will feel the benefit from our one-on-one (private) personal training sessions as we provide all our clients with that personal touch.

Our personal trainers in Machester will work with you, not only to improve your fitness and achieve your short, mid, and long term goals, but also measure your improvements, enhance your flexibility and over all well being.

A personal trainer will establish your needs, conduct health checks and provide you with your own nutritional programme ready for the training and changes your about to experience. Our personal trainers in this time will devise a programme to suit you and your goals ahead!

Our fitness professionals will always maintain a fun programme, providing motivation and ongoing feedback on progress and changes if needed throughout. You are never left in the dark at any stage within your programmes as communication back and forth is key to maintain optimal results!

There are many benefits to training with our personal trainers, including proper exercise prescription, which decreases the chance of injury, improves posture and optimal body composition! Training with our personal trainers also helps relieve stress, improve physical performance, heart conditions and health outcomes.

With NME Fitness Personal Trainers Manchester, you can be assured you are getting quality in training as each of our trainers are certified in fitness to Level 3, highly qualified in nutrition, along with other qualifications.

Some of you may be looking for mobile personal trainers who can provide mobile personal training whether this is personal training at home from a in home personal trainer, a personal gym instructor or studio based personal training or perhaps you are looking for outdoor personal training?

If you have a goal and want to reach it, then why not reach it with NME Fitness Personal Trainers Manchester? Our experience and knowledge help us on keeping exercise fresh, exciting and versatile for high-end results!

We know that things can get in the way of training (Kids, work or lack of sleep), years of experience has taught us to adjust programmes to your needs with your goals in mind always….


weight loss tamesideWe Help You Lose Weight

Moving the number on the scales can prove to be difficult at times, using our combination of nutrition and exercise you will start to see a positive difference.

We Help You Lose Body Fat

You will burn off your stubborn and unwanted body fat that you have been trying to get rid of for years!

build muscle manchesterWe Help You Build Lean Muscle

Lean muscle is what makes you look good and for women it gives you a toned look. The beauty of lean muscle too is that it helps to burn more calories.
Don't worry ladies, we promise you won't turn into bodybuilders.

We Help You Tone Your Body

Get the slender or chiseled body through eating the right foods and doing the right workouts to burn the fat and build lean muscle.

feel better tamesideWe Help You Look & Feel Better

A results of eating better and exercise will results in looking and feeling your absolute best!

We Help You Get Fitter

Using high intensity methods you will boost your fitness rapidly, without having to do any long boring cardio.

healthy manchesterWe Help You Get Healthier & Live Longer

Health issues are arising everywhere, with cancer now at 1 in 2 people in the UK. Eating clean, exercising and leading a healthier lifestyle will dramatically reduce the risk of illness and disease.

We Help You Boost Your Confidence

When you feel great about yourself, it gives you more confidence to go for that new job or promotion, wear that bikini or feel good on a night out.

mental focus tamesideWe Help You Build Better Focus & Clarity

We help you map out goals to keep a clear focus on how you can acheive in life, creating a positive mindset will help attract positive outcomes.

We Help You Regain Energy

Feel more energised and vitalised so that you don't crash mid day and rely on coffee to get you through.

drop a jean size manchesterWe Help You Wear The Clothes You want

Be able to go shopping and buy the clothes you want without having to check if they fit you properly.

We Help You Boost Your Sex Drive

Clean eating and exercise will help rekindle the fire in your relationship.

long term results tamesideWe Help You Achieve Long Term Results

Our mission is to educate you so that you can walk away knowing what to do so that you never have to fad diet again.