Why we are the best personal trainer in Manchester

Coach in ManchesterFirst of all…we don’t class ourselves as personal trainers.


Because personal trainers, only TRAIN you. 

We are a coaching service, built on premise of changing your life!

We are not offering an hourly rate service, what we offer in an end of product result. That is what you have come and sought our help for in the first place, right?

We offer a full comprehensive service that will blow any other personal trainer in Manchester dead in the water!

That’s a pretty bold statement to make and we are here to back it up…

We specialise

We are weight loss (fat loss) and body transformation specialists. I find that where most personal trainers in Tameside go wrong is wanting to dip their finger in all the pots; weight loss, body building, athlete training, etc. If you’re doing that though how can you truly become great at what you do?

It’s like the saying ” Jack of all trades, master of none”

Think about it, a doctor isn’t a general doctor after their training. They tend to go and find a speciality; heart, children, diagnostics, etc

Same goes for lawyers. After training they will specialise in; real estate, crime, divorce, etc

So why should personal trainers be different to these?

We have homed our skills so that we can get you the very best results that you deserve. By specialising it helps us put everything we do under a microscope to see what is working best and what is failing.

How many personal trainers in Manchester can say that they are probably over qualified?

Hey my name is Kyle Masterman, I am the founder of NME Coaching and I strive to always improve myself through constant self development.

Although this part of the article may sound like I am talking about myself, I do have a point to it…

The more I self develop and learn more, the better my service can be that I provide to others.

This statement is true to anyone. Taking a personal trainers service is self development for yourself and that in turn will help your health, energy, personality (more positive , less mood swings). So that can help your family and friends. You will have energy to play with your kids in the park, you will feel more confident as a role model….the list can go on.

When I first become a personal trainer, I found the course lacking in many areas.

One of the main areas was nutrition, they teach you the basics of it, such as calories, macronutrients (protein, fats and carbohydrates), but that is about it. I found this strange as nutrition is 80% of anyone’s change in body shape and health.

Within the first couple of months of my personal training career, I took up a dietary & nutritional advisory course. Well this become the fuel of something very addictive for me….self development.

I then went on to do more nutritional courses; child nutrition, health & wellness nutrition, sports nutrition. Now I am currently doing my advanced sports nutrition and straight after that I will be doing my advanced nutrtion course.

Yes! I have a nutrition course problem…

I also soon realised that in order to change a persons life, it is much more than just the nutrition and exercise that needs taking care of.

I needed to look at things as a whole…. What is the biggest downfall for most people?

Their mindset!

I wanted the ability to be able to be have the techniques to change the mindset along with other areas of my clients lives, that is why I decided to become a qualified life coach.

That particular part of my personal development completely changed my service and the way I approach.

It helped me to work with people from the inside out, and work on the building blocks of everything we do….our habits.

Think about it. We are creatures of habit, once upon a time we never woke up and automatically brushed our teeth and had a shower, we had to build those habits.

This is exactly the same when it comes to changing your body and life!

We work on building new healthy habits, breaking through limiting beliefs, controlling your emotional urges and much more. How many personal trainers in Manchester can say that?